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The disaster that was my first live workshop

Published 3 months ago • 1 min read

Hey Reader,

A few months ago, I shared an episode on the show about selling templates. As part of that endeavor I decided to do a live workshop.

The plan was to:

  • Create a workshop that people could attend for free
  • Share it on a related blog post, alongside the templates
  • Share it over a few weeks on social media and with my lists
  • Hold the workshop and get questions live
  • Have the replay available for free for a week for people who registered
  • Sell access to the recording after

Sounds like a decent plan, right?

Well... it was mostly a disaster. Here's what actually happened:

  • I created the workshop and publicized it
  • 61 people visited the page and 8 people signed up (for reference, about 585 people visited the blog post)
  • One person attended the workshop
  • It was great, but it was so customized to their situation that I couldn't use the recording
  • After we got off the call, I recorded the workshop by myself and got it ready to share
  • I accidentally sent it to the entire list (of 40) instead of just the people who registered
  • 55% opened and the video got 10 views
  • No one responded to the email or the video
  • I haven't put up the recording for sale


The reason I'm sharing this story is to illustrate that sometimes a great-sounding plan doesn't quite work out how you think it will. I could throw in the towel and say I'll never do another workshop, or I could brainstorm a few ways to make next time more successful.

Remember, this is all just a big experiment. Consider the advice you get in these emails and from the podcast, pick out what you think might work for you and give it a try.

What are you trying this month? Reply and let me know! I read and respond to every email. (And if you have any thoughts about how I can make future workshops easier or better, I'm all ears 😆)


P.S. When you're ready, here's how I can support you 👉

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