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Hey Reader,

Since I broke my ankle last year, I've had a difficult time finding my way back into a regular exercise routine.

I've tried a LOT of things that haven't worked well, but for the past month, I've just been writing down what I've done.

Seeing this list, I can feel sort of a pull. I don't want to let it (or myself) down by writing none for a few days in a row.

It got me thinking that if you're trying to work on your product, you could:

  1. Plan ahead of time, like with this Google Sheet. Then track progress towards your goal.
  2. Skip the plan and just write down what you're doing in pursuit of a goal. Maybe by seeing it all in one place, you'll see that you're actually making progress and want to keep going.
  3. Put some urgency behind it. Both Samantha and Liz had similar stories where something else was happening and they had to create a product fast.

What do you think might work for you?

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[Interview] Gaining clarity for a product by working closely with clients with Yasmine Salem Hamdan. Tune in for a very meta episode! Yasmine shares the story of creating digital products (contract templates for service providers) but also talks about the contracts you need as a service provider and digital product creator. Watch or listen to episode 64.

[Interview] What if your digital product was easy and fun (?!) with Liz Wilcox. Digital products don’t have to be so hard! Listen to Liz’s story of selling her first product, then creating it and how she continues to create and sell with relative ease. Watch or listen to episode 65.


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